Описание приложения

Poo Jumper Deluxe ― It's poop time, and also it's time for new adventures of the most extraordinary character EVER ― POO! He is cute, he is funny and he is always ready to run and fly! Yes, now Poo can fly from one platform to another and you're going to help him in his journey!


Remember this little cutie from my poo game? Your virtual poo egg tamago pet are ready for NEW breath-taking adventures! Make your poo run and jump higher and higher from one platform to another! Tap and tilt to jump. Fly and land carefully and don't forget to use special bonuses: speed acceleration, missiles and coins! Be careful with bees ― somehow, they don't like having poops jump in the air!

Poo Jumper Deluxe features:

- New flappy poop adventures: how high can you jump?

- Breath-taking gameplay: it's so hard to stop!

- Jumping doodle graphics: enjoy funny poop rush!

- Cutest poo song: sing with Poo his song " poo poo poo "!

- Easy control: just jump and run, poo and play!

Poo Jumper Deluxe ― the cutest of all poo virtual pets! Help the jumping poop reach the highest level and overcome difficulties on his way!