Application description

Explore the FULL POTENTIAL of your Windows Mobile 6.5 !

XTreme Tweaks v1.1, best tool for Windows Mobile 6.5 personalization/customization.

Easy to use, finger friendly, NO NEED FOR STYLUS!.

Windows Mobile 6.5 ONLY !

Available in VGA \ WVGA \ QVGA \ WQVGA Resolution!

QVGA \ WQVGA Resolution Support Added !

-- CHANGES FROM v1.0 TO v1.1 --

- Fixed imposibility to set GUI Tweaks on some devices!

- Improved Speed and Stability!

- Easy Install!

-GUI Tweaks-

1.Start Menu Columns - Allows you to choose how many columns you want in Start Menu.

2.Scroll Bar - Choose how your scroll bar will look like. The change can be visible in Phone, File Explorer, etc.

3.Phone Keypad - This option allows you to set the theme for Phone keypad.

4.ClearType - If ON, ClearType will be activated.

-System Tweaks-

1.SMS Sent Message - If OFF, this option will disable the SMS sent message.

2.STK Services - If OFF, this option will disable the SIM Operator (Network Operator) options. This will not set your Phone into Flight Mode. The change can be visible in Start Menu - your Network Operator icon.

3.Increase Font Cache - If ON, font cache will be increased.

4.Increase TCP/IP Cache - If ON, TCP/IP cache will be increased.

-Other Tweaks-

1.SIM Contacts - If HIDE, all SIM contacts visible in Contacts will be hidden.

2. Auto-Lock - If ON, your Phone will auto-lock after 50 seconds or at power button press.

3. SMS Threading - If OFF, SMS Threading will be disabled. This change can be seen in Text/Messaging at your messages.

4. Customer Feedback - If OFF, Customer Feedback will be disabled.

5. Error Reporting - If OFF, Error Reporting will be disabled.

6. In Call Recording - If ON, this option will allow call recording, see the option available when making a phone call. The recording will be saved in "\My Documents\Notes".

7. Right SoftKey - This option is visible with Windows Default as Today at the right Softkey.

8. SmartTouch - If ON, SmartTouch will be available in most programs.


- GUI Tweaks -

Start Menu Columns 3,4,5 Scroll Bar White, Gray, Default Phone Keypad Black, Gray, Default ClearType OFF/ON

- System Tweaks -

SMS Sent Message OFF/ON STK Services OFF/ON Increase Font Cache OFF/ON Increase TCP/IP Cache OFF/ON

- Other Tweaks -

SIM Contacts HIDE/SHOW Auto-Lock OFF/ON SMS Threading OFF/ON Customer Feedback OFF/ON Error Reporting OFF/ON Right SoftKey Comm Man, File Explorer, Default In Call Recording OFF/ON SmartTouch OFF/ON


Finger Scrolling!

Big Icons/Buttons, finger friendly, no need for stylus!

Landscape Support!

Cool Graphics

Most Daily Use Functions


Rapid menu access


Restart Device

Restore To Default

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