Application description

Wifi Password Breaker app can break password for any wifi network available. By clicking on the Scan and Connect button it automatically scans all possible Wifi Networks in range and analyses their details.

The Wifi Password Breaker then runs an algorithm in the background to automatically break the password for the strongest available wifi network and connects to it quickly.

This app uses advanced hacking methods and decryption to detect the password of the wifi network.

This Wifi Password Breaker app can break different types of Wifi Secured networks such as WEP security, WPA/PSK security and mac filtered and other security networks.


1. Advanced algorithm to break password

2. Compatible with all android phones and tablets

3. Can be used for any type of secured Wifi Network

4. Automatically connects to strongest wifi network

5. Wifi Password Breaking only by a single click


This app is for entertainment purposes only and does not assure any functionality as it is not legal to break into wifi networks