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There is a great deal discussed about the mental game, but it is difficult for the average golfer to uncover all of golf's mental game secrets. Now these secrets are revealed so you can improve your thinking on the course.

We combine visualization and relaxation with positive messages to help you improve your balance and timing, block out distractions and focus on the target. As a BONUS we included advanced mental golf techniques utilized by some of the best players in the game.

This recording includes:

• Introduction

• Guided meditation

• Perfect balance and timing

• Block out distractions

• Visualize playing well

• Focus on the target

• BONUS: Advanced mental golf techniques

• Wake up or sleep ending

According to Tiger Woods, winner of 14 major championships (4 Masters, 4 PGA, 3 US Open, 3 British Open):

“My mother’s a Buddhist. In Buddhism, if you want to achieve enlightenment, you have to do it through meditation and self-improvement through the mind. That’s something she passed on to me: to be able to calm myself down and use my mind as my main asset.”

Now you can turn your mind into an asset on the course. Visualize. Relax. Improve. Download Visulax Golf now! (App is Motorola App Verified to be bug free)

Please Note: App completely downloads to your device so you don't need a network or internet connection to use the app. However, it is recommended that you download the app with an internet connection established.