Application description

An illustrated travel guide, phrasebook, and maps. Indulge Yourself with a personal tour guide on Your PDA. FREE General Information, basic phrasebook, and a map in the trial version.


Fully illustrated.

Historical, Religious and Cultural overviews.

Interesting facts. City Attractions.

Comprehensive Phrasebook

Landmark, Street maps, and more.

Navigate from Table of Contents or search for words or phrases

The guide is loaded into the device memory.

No network access needed.

Easy and fast viewing.

Access the guide anytime, anywhere.

Use the guide as postcards to show places you visited.

Table of Contents

General: About | Tourist Info | Stay Safe | Stay Healthy | Respect | Provinces | Politics | Economy | Demographics | History | Culture | Geography | Climate | Do | Buy | Sleep

Maps: Saudi Arabia | Hajj route | Mecca | Medina | Riyadh

Phrasebook: About | Intro | Phraselist

Transportation: Overview | Get in | Get around | Rail | Yanbu | Airports

Eat & Drink: Eat | Drink | Cuisine of Saudi Arabia | Arab Cuisine Islamic

Culture: Overview | Art | Arabesque | Architecture | Music | Clothing | Hijab | Calligraphy | Pottery Islamic

Religion: Overview | History | Divisions | Holidays | Black Stone | Qur'an | Hajj | Miqat | Imam | Qibla | Stoning of the Devil | Umrah | Zamzam Well | Tawaf | Kaaba

Mecca: About | Tourist Info | Stay safe | History | Government & Economy | Eat & Drink | Get in | Transportation | Landmarks

Medina: Overview | Tourist Info | Al Madinah | History | Religion | Mosques

Riyadh: Overview | History | Name | Population | Eat & Drink | Sleep | Districts | Stay Safe | Transportation | Landmarks

Jeddah: About | Tourist Info | Economy & Demographics | Geography | History | Culture | Transportation | Landmarks | Eat & Drink | Sport

Cities/Places: Overview | Abha | Ad Dammam | Dhahran | Diriyah | Durrat Al-Arus | Khobar | Mina | Muzdalifah | Najran | Taif

Other Destinations: Dumat Al-Jandal | Gerrha | Jawatha Mosque | Meda'in Saleh | Shadda Palace | Tayma | Al-`Ula | Uqair

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