Application description

Total Collage introduces a new way to make collages! Fast, intuitive and totally fun!

Compose your photos into a beautiful editable collages.

NEW! Pro version is out

Pro version additional features:

• No ads

• Image size up to 1600x1600 pixels (make sure your device has a large heap size)

No template restrictions! Make your own grid the way you want! Simply drag from a side to add a new picture.

No size restrictions! You can always change the width and the height and everything will align itself.

Edit the whole collage properties or control each picture individually inside the Cell mode.

Edit background by choosing from 80 different patterns, lots of colors and their combinations.

Use the snap option to easily arrange photos inside collage.

Add different spray graphics to further enhance your collages.

Perfectly compatible with Instagram, Facebook and any other social network on your phone.

Press the Tips button for more help.


Special thanks to for the promo photos and for the background patterns!

If you have any questions, please, send them to this address:

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Product reviews


Still can improve i think


plz fix the current version. i can't use it normally


Still can improve i think