Application description

Funny puzzle & memory for toddlers!

✔ No ads.

✔ 31 different puzzles (more to come) 10 on free app.

✔ Easy to use and operate.

✔ Fun for children.

✔ Small children will develop their fine motor skills by dragging and dropping pieces of the puzzle.

✔ Toddlers learn to see shapes and find where the pieces fit.

✔ Various puzzle designs for both boy and girl.

✔ Mini game when the puzzle is done.

✔ 6 different difficulties in memory game

✔ Small children will develop their memory.

We do not believe that advertising is a place for apps made for kids so no advertising in free app

Instead, we hope that if your child likes the app you support us by purchasing the full version with a total of 31 puzzles (more coming)

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Puzzle Designs

✔ Farm

✔ Car

✔ Dinosaur

✔ Sea

✔ Bus

✔ Aircraft

✔ Space

✔ Fantasy (coming soon)