Application description

Augmented reality app that uses your phone camera and adds a layer of geographical information such as Compass orientation, GPS position and different phone inclinations.

Never get lost again: You can add your own geographical markers anywhere around you and see them with augmented reality wherever you go. You can also view them on Google Maps in one click.

A triangulation feature helps you calculate distances and you can use your camera at anytime to take pictures including the data layer.

IMPORTANT : This has not been designed for nor tested on any TAB device. DONT download it if for any tab (if you do, don't complain)

-> If you face a crash and leave a comment without reporting the error in any way, there's not much I can do to fix it.

To calibrate your phone's G-sensors, try Settings > Display > Calibrate G-sensors

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** For accurate triangulation when using the GPS, give it a bit of time to get an accurate fix. Wait a few seconds after you move until the figures are stable. When measuring angles, be VERY accurate. A few degrees make a big difference on distant objects. Don't forget that the limitation here is your GPS sensor accuracy, which is about 10 meters. Short distance calculation will therefore be unaccurate.

Height calculation will return a good value on any distance as the inclinaison sensors are much more accurate.

*** When a picture is saved, it's path Alias is displayed. It starts with 'external\'. When looking for it, 'sdcard\DCIM\Camera' is a good place to start.

**** Currently working on KML support to interact with Maps and Google Earth

This free app is in Beta mode, please email me report any issues you might face.

Recent changes:

* Exit button properly kills the process

* Shortcut to Google Maps view on main screen

* GPS data added to pictures