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The most feature rich theme making program you can buy!

Loaded with Imaging features no other Theme making program has, ThemeMakerX allows you to create great themes faster and easier!

Version 3.4.7 Nominations & Awards Over the last 5 years ThemeMaker has continued to win awards again and again. We are proud to take this as a recognition of the hard work we put into the product.   ThemeMaker X Features Use the following table as a guide to help you decide if this ThemeMaker is right for you. Use the product comparison chart on the home page to compare the different ThemeMakers available. Theme Creation & Editing Import themes, images, colours Main/menu image transparency adjustment Set image quality and size Predefined Image Sizing Feature Builtin Help Guide Image Import & Capture From File, Image Editor or Selected Region Direct from a Scanner or Digital Camera Capture From Movie Sources or Files (AVI, MPG, WMV or MOV) Use the unique Pan-Window Feature Color Adjustment Default Colour Settings Interior Colour Setting for Major WM Applications Colour Picker Colour Matching & Reversing AutoColor Feature Devices & Screens WM PocketPC & Smartphone 2002, 2003. 2003(SE), 5.0 Portrait, Landscape, Square Standard, VGA, QVGA Theme Publishing Thumbnail previews Print, print preview Customized Screenshot capture Transfer Directly to Device Upload directly to Image Editing Cut, Copy, Paste, Paste to new image Duplicate, Flip, Reverse, Rotate Crop, Clear, Shear, Resize, Canvas Resize Remove Redeye, Image Conversion Image Selection Select All, Rectangle, Rounded Rectangle Ellipse, Freehand, Magic Wand Invert Selection, Expand & Contract Image Effects Posterize, Mosaic, Blue, Sharpen Add Noise, Emboss, Gradient Filter Edge Detect, Oil Paint Effect, Stitch, Picturize Color Adjustment Grayscale, Invert, Colored Gray Brightness, Contrast, Histogram Contrast Hue, Saturation Gamma Correction, Remap, Balance Colors Paint Functions Brush, Pen, Eraser Fill, Gradient Fill Color Picker