Application description

SWardriving. Wireless Wi-Fi Wardriving.

Wireless Wi-Fi Wardriving, Warbiking, Warwalking, Warjogging, Warrailing, Wartraining, BusWardriving ...

A simple application for Wardriving anywhere in the world. Do not let it escape the location of any Wireless Wi-Fi network.

The main functions are:

* SQLite Database to track and locate Wireless Networks.

* Wireless Wi-Fi networks statistics stored in the Database.

* Update GPS data received every second.

* Accelerated Scanner on nearby Wireless Wi-Fi Networks.

* Statistics on nearby Wireless Wi-Fi networks.

* Notification service running in the background.

* Export KML files in the SD (for importing into Google Maps/Earth,, ...)

* Export CSV files in the SD (separated by commas to Excel, OpenOffice/LibreOffice, ...)

* Total elimination of the data contained in the Database.

The application uses data from GPS and Wireless Wi-Fi network scanner in combination to locate access points Wi-Fi, then save the necessary data in a database which can then be exported to a KML or CSV.

To obtain the necessary data Wireless Wi-Fi network, you must wait for the device to determine the current location through GPS.

Excellent for WarDriving, Warbiking, Warwalking, Warjogging, Warrailing, Wartraining, BusWardriving, and to scan lots of hotspots. If you Wardriving, you will not escape the location of any wireless network.

NOT contain any functionality to perform criminal acts of intrusion on protected Wireless Wi-Fi networks. This is NOT a hacker app.


The use of this product wireless analysis software should be a basic tool for professionals and individuals who are eager to know the security level of wireless facilities is strictly forbidden to use it to commit criminal acts of intrusion on wireless networks of which we do not own or do not have permissions to analyze their security.