Application description

Skebby is the first application in the world to send free SMS over the internet for Android to/from any other device (Android, iPhone, BlackBerry, Nokia, Java,...).

More than 575,000 people use Skebby. And you? What are you waiting for?

All the SMS and MMS you can send FREE SMS:

SMS at 0cent. with whom has Skebby on every mobile device, unlimited and forever. A push notification will alert you about the presence of a new SMS Skebby 0cent.

FREE MMS: Attach pictures to your SMS Skebby 0cent. and send unlimited MMS to other Skebby users on every mobile device.

SMS CLASSIC: SMS at 7 cent. to everyone, everywhere also when roaming abroad. You customize the sender ID with your number.

SMS BASIC: lowest cost SMS at 5 cent. sent by a random number.

Moreover, other useful features, such as: UPDATE FACEBOOK, TWITTER: update your profile with a Skebby 0cent. SMS, with attached pictures, too.

FRIENDS ON SKEBBY: to seize on who amongst your contacts already has Skebby and invite other contacts to download it. For everyone who will join and activate, you and him will receive 5 Basic SMS for free! Moreover, SMS amongst all of you will be for free, unlimited and forever.

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