Application description


Adjust all your audio settings and set them on a schedule using profiles for your Android 2.1+ phone.

Silent your phone for sleep. Adjust the ringer low during work.

Each profile can control:

* Ringer Volume / Vibrate

* Notification Volume / Vibrate

* Media Volume

* Alarm Volume

* System Volume

* Wifi Disable/Enable

* Bluetooth Disable/Enable


Create profiles with corresponding days and times to be activated. When the Start Time & Day is triggered, silecnr will change your phone audio settings to that particular profile. When a profile’s End Time is triggered, silencr will adjust your phone settings to the Default Profile.

Activate Button

Menu -> Activate is your friend. This will let you know which profile is supposed to be Active or Scheduled.

Default Now

Menu -> Default Now will ignore any currently scheduled profile and just switch your settings to your Default Profile.

Activate Now

Long Press on a profile and click on Activate Now which will ignore any currently scheduled profile and just switch your audio settings to the selected profile.

silencr will then schedule either (a) if days are set, the next End Time for the selected profile, (b) if days are not set, the next scheduled profile according to all enabled profiles Start Times.

Wifi Option

You can have silencr ignore Wifi settings, by following these steps:

* Go to Menu -> Preferences

* Uncheck “Enable Wifi Control”

Wifi and Bluetooth:

* Ignore (*Default*): silencr won’t touch wifi/bluetooth settings.

* Enabled: Turn on wifi/bluetooth

* Disabled: Turn off wifi/bluetooth

Please note that silencr won’t disable bluetooth if you are on call.

Notification Options (In the Preferences)

Enabled: Notifications show up when audio settings are changed. Clicking on the notification clears it. (Similar to current functionality).

Disabled: Notifications never show up.

Persistent: Notifications are never cleared, however clicking on the notification switches between (a) Default and (b) currently scheduled profile. Notification also now show current profile, so you don’t have to open silencr to see what’s going on.

The change Notifications, go to Menu -> Preferences.

Ringtone Control

1. To enable ringtone control, in the profile make sure Set Ringtone is checked.

2. Then click Ringtone to select the ringtone you want enabled with that profile.

* To see your ringtones, you must be able to see them in Sound Settings. They should be in the standard locations, typically:

o /system/media/audio/ringtones

o /sdcard/media/audio/ringtones

* If Set Ringtone is unchecked, silencr will ignore any ringtone set.

Hints and Tips

Remember to set your days!

If you don’t set any days, the profile won’t be triggered!

You are allowed to have profiles that have no days, so that you can manually trigger them on demand. For example, I have a Loud Profile with no days set, which I use only occasionally and I trigger manually using the Activate Now feature from above.

HTC Phones – Important!

HTC phones with Sense have sound profiles. Make sure you set yours to Normal. So that silencr can access your phone audio settings.