Application description

IntFit is a online fitness and health community.

Do you want to make your training more effective? Or do you want to lose weight or just want to live healthier? IntFit will help you with this.

IntFit helps you saving your Workouts, your trainings plan, your diet plan, your progress and your diet. You can save your own exercises and food items, or search for them in the database.

You can easily keep track of your workout, diet and progress within this app.

Share recipes and tipps with the community and find workoutbuddys.

Summary of the functions in this app:


- Save your workouts

- Save your exercises and find new exercises in the database

- Save your training plan


- Save what you have eaten today (with calculated protein, carbohydrates, fat, and calorie input)

- See when you reached your daily nutrient goal.

- Save your favorite food items or find new ones in the database

- Save your diet plan

- Publish or find new tasty recipes


- Track your body weight progress

- Calculate your BMI

Social / Community:

- Create a profile

- Add photo albums to your profile and view other users albums

- Upload photos to your albums

- Follow interesting people

- Send messages

- Find new Workoutbuddys

- Tips, Tricks and Help from the community

- Come Join Me (App exclusive). Tag your location while working out and let others who are near you join in.

IntFit is waiting for you!