Application description

Videos from the world's greatest magicians, from Criss Angel to Jackie Chan(!)

Videos of the world's greatest magic shows and performances, from the world's best and most famous magicians, including:

♦ Criss Angel

♦ Cyril Takayama

♦ David Blaine

♦ David Copperfield

♦ David Williamson

♦ Doug Henning

♦ Harry Anderson

♦ Harry Houdini

♦ Jackie Chan (yes, really!).

♦ Jay Sankey

♦ Amazing Jonathan

♦ Lance Burton

♦ Lee Eun-Gyeol

♦ Mac King

♦ Orson Welles

♦ Paul Daniels

♦ Penn & Teller

♦ Siegfried & Roy

♦ Steve Martin

♦ Tommy Cooper

♦ Val Valentino (the Masked Magician).

New videos added regularly! If you'd like your own performance video added, contact us via the "Send e-mail to developer" link.

Movies include card tricks, grand illusions, street magic, stage magic, mentalism, comedy magic, prestidigitation, hypnotism, escapology, rare footage, interviews, and some slight sleight-of-hand. Also includes a few videos in the style of our other app, Amazing Magic Secrets Revealed. ;)

You can also vote on your favorite illusionists, mentalists, escape artists, magical humorists, entertainers, etc.! E.g. who do you think is most likely to have genuine occult powers? :)

Videos are mostly in English, but most of the tricks can be understood in any language.

Disclaimer: The makers of this mobile video player app are not associated with the magicians featured or related entities. All linked videos and magician images are publicly available on Google's own video services -- we do not host any videos ourselves.