Application description

This is user-friendly program,

allows you, with just two touches of your phone:

- get and review your current geographic location

- request someone's phone to give you his/her location

- review on the map your and someone's location.

You needn't know GPS, you needn't learn too much, about this program.

In just a few seconds, or a minute, you can review your position on the map,

with no worry about pre-installed maps, because it's downloading from the Internet.

The second, and even maybe more important, possibility of this program is,

in the same short time, you can "ask" someone's phone (who has this program installed too),

about his/her current location. In reply you review his/her position on the map,

and the calculated distance and direction between yours.

No data and values of yours positions are collected by any server (like others programs do).

In this program, the location exchanging does directly between Windows Mobile phones

by using ordinary SMS network service.

Basically, this program is useful for Windows Mobile phones,

with built-in GPS Receiver, or receiver connected in any way.

But there are many cases and possibilities, to use this program without receiver too.

If you have Windows Mobile phone without GPS Receiver in use, you can:

- ask someone's phone to give you his/her current location

- receive someone's location and review on the map image

If you have Windows Mobile phone with GPS Receiver, you can:

- do both the above actions, plus:

- get your own current location

- reply for someone's request, and give him/her your current location

- calculate distance and direction between your and someone's location

- review both your and someone's locations on the map image.