Application description

Meet Bob, who wants to prove, that he is the best bulldozer driver! It's time to test your driver skills! Take a challenge and show everybody, who is the best driver! Enjoy driving simulators and destruction games with Castle Destroyer 3D Deluxe! Imagine there are some old castles to be demolished right in the city you live. Handy, isn't it? Don't hold yourself back, embrace your destructive inclination!


Use the acceleration and brake pedals on the screen and control buttons to drive your bulldozer. The more you crash – the more points you get.

Castle Destroyer 3D Deluxe features:

- awesome 3D graphics;

- medieval castles - all at your mercy;

- powerful bulldozer for easier crushing;

- realistic sounds – imagine the entire block is falling apart!

Perfect way to get rid of stress and relax! Enjoy ultimate crashing challenge in Castle Destroyer 3D Deluxe!