Application description

Call Master is an extremely simple and powerful software which effectively escalates the work performance.

A great useful feature is employed in Call Master :

You can schedule your call for any date which will be reminded by the Call Master and the application

itself you can make a call to specified numbers.

Mobile Contacts Interaction.

Export Call details for future reference.

Add personalized pictures

Call Log Details

Enhances performance of your job.

Call Master serve businesses and personals of all sizes that want to get the demanding performance of self. Displays

information on type of phone numbers on screen can be customized with different features to fit your individual needs.

Today call schedule are listed every time the application is been opened.

Supports Windows Mobile 5.0

In Place- Call Maker (Pocket PC)

A Call Master will allows you to make a call to your person from the application itself.

The In Place - Call feature is targeted at Business people where fast responsiveness to changing market demands is

important and for organizations with innovative cultures. This will also help to dramatically improve a work schedules

to a success rate. Coordination and collaboration between team members can be effectively achieved.

Picture Perfect:

Call Master now featured with adding images to your call schedules for easy reference.

Just tap the number to call from the software itself.

Call Log:

Call Master interface uniquely designed for easy access to scheduled calls and dialed call from that application.

Mobile Contacts Interaction :

Importing the contacts from inbuilt Pocket PC Contacts for scheduling the call in quick manner.

How can Call Master help me?

• It integrates the bits of vital call information at one place.

• Assign call schedule and purpose of call.

• Alarm Reminder for Call schedules.

Mobile Contacts Interaction

In place Call Maker

Add your pictures

Dialed Call Details

• Export the Call Schedules


1. HTML View : Represents a HTML format view of all the call schedules.

Alarm Reminder :

Call Master supports alarm reminder for each call schedules with specified time.

Key Features:

Mobile Contacts Interaction.

Call Maker.

Add Pictures.

Call Log Details.

Alarm Reminders.

Graphical User Interface.