Application description

Safely and securely store your login information across all of your devices

This app is the unlock app for Boardies Password Manager.

With the Pro version of Boardies Password Manager you can sync all of your stored login information across multiple android devices you own using DropBox. All of the information stored within the file that is uploaded to DropBox are encrypted using AES Encryption algorithm so you know your information is safe.

There are many new features to come but if you have any suggestions then please feel free to context me.

*******PLEASE NOTE *********

This is the unlock app. The free version of Boardies Password Manager is required to use the pro features of the app. If it is not installed you should be provided a link to the android market in order to download the free version. If not please search the android market for Boardies Password Manager.

The DropBox integration is a new feature so if you experience any problems then please feel free to contact me either by using the bug report system under the app settings or by the email link in the android market.

*******SPECIAL OFFER************

The first 100 active users will get a special discount of 50p. After the first 100 active users have been recorded the price will increase to 99p.