Application description

80s Cartoon Soundboard: Transformers PRO! No ads + Widgets + Wallpapers + 10 ringtone ready clips & 26 shorter clips to be used as notifications, guaranteed to give you that 80s cartoon smile!

Full App control using home screen widgets!! Widgets to play every sound clip PLUS widgets to set a Random Ringtone or Notification tone, and Random Transformers Wallpapers! Includes 10 Transformers Wallpapers that can be set using the Random Wallpaper Widget, your phone sounds like Transformers, now it can look like Transformers as well!!

Fully controllable using user defined gestures!!!

No more looking at the screen to hit the right button, just draw your gesture and the clip will play!

All clips can be set as Ringtones, Notifications, and now Alarms! Wake up just like you did in the 80s!

To set a Ringtone, Notification, Alarm, or Gesture, LongPress on the desired clip and select the desired option. (Note: Ringtones, Notifications & Alarms require external storage)

Gestures can be deleted by LongPressing them on the gesture list.

Swipe left/right between your installed 80s Cartoon Soundboards! No more having to exit the app, open the launcher and opening the next soundboard.

Compatible 80s Cartoon Soundboards:

80s Cartoon Sb: GI-Joe!

80s Cartoon Sb: He-Man!

80s Cartoon Sb: Themes!

80s Cartoon Sb: TMNT

80s Cartoon Sb: Transformers (Free)

80s Cartoon Sb: Thundercats (Explict Language)

80s Cartoon Sb: Voltron! (Free)

80s Cartoon Sb: Voltron PRO!

++many more coming soon

App2SD compatible (Android 2.2+ Froyo required) takes just 236k on device. (NOTE: Widgets will not work if installed on SD, this is an Android limitation)

Permissions required and why:

WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE - Write ringtones, notifications and alarms to external storage so they are available to the system.

WRITE_SETTINGS - Set ringtone, notification, or alarm as the active system ringtone/notification/alarm.

SET_WALLPAPER - Change Wallpaper with Random Wallpaper widget