Application description

Ever yearned for a twitter client that displays only the Best Of Twitter ?

Now , Popular Tweets does just that !

★ Popular Tweets allows you to explore the best and trending

- Humorous Tweets

- Celebrity Tweets

- Breaking News

- Twitter Memes

- Clever Tweets

- Social Awareness related Tweets

- Contest / Quiz Tweets

- Hashtags

all at one place without having to search for anything .

★ Popular Tweets also notifies the user whenever a new trend appears .

★ Popular Tweets eliminates the hassle of following different Twitter accounts for the Best Tweets , instead ,it brings you all those tweets at your doorstep .


Features :-

✓ Explore which tweets are trending in a particular region.

✓ View all the trending topics filtered region-wise .

✓ Change Location to track other region

✓ Clear Existing Trends and Tweets

✓ Trending topics include popular keywords , popular hashtags , users.


How To Use ?

1. Initially , select the region which you want to monitor .

2. Authorize using your Twitter Account

3. Wait for few minutes till the application retrieves all the hot topics and all the popular tweets related to that .

4. Load Older Trends using the button at the bottom .

5. Long Click Trends to "Search Again" or "Delete Tweets"

6. Click on Settings to enable Notifications

7. Click on Settings to Clear Data

8. Click on Settings to Change Location