Application description

The best 2048 variant, a funny musical puzzle jigsaw like game with music and more colorful backgrounds.

A good 2048 puzzle game free for everyone, the most perfect for Android till date, best of the free games. A stress ball effect.

Great sound effects in 2048 Musical Numbers Puzzle.Hone your flexibility and thinking process.Play anywhere, on the way to school, office or market.Use your time playing this endless engaging, colorful game.Clear visuals and charming graphics with incredible depth of game play.One of the best games for boys.

How to play 2048?

It is a jigsaw like game.Swipe the tiles,join the numbers and get to the 1024 or the 2048th tile.

Put on your thinking cap and move tiles, swipe and stay in line to get to the Magic 2048 tile

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Improves memory and tests your logic. The game rules are extremely simple with numeric challenges.Game for kids. game for boys.Kids can develop their mind and adults can keep theirs from aging in this best of the games for free.

Constant brain training is essential both for kids mind development and for keeping brain active and not aging for adults. This 2048 Musical Numbers Puzzle as with apps games is suitable for any gender, age and profession. You can train each day and observe your progress by unlocking subsequent achievements.

Everybody likes free games, 2048 popular as the easiest of the Internet games.Suitable for lovers of math, piano tiles games and puzzles.Addictive, appealing number 2048 Musical Numbers puzzel for Android.Social sharing and performance features.This android mobile app has the games data automatically stored on your device, so current games are safely stored!


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