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Chess games updated #Anand-#Carlsen 18-14 after completion at #Sochi World Chess Championship and Grenke loss in 2015

This is the ongoing Chess Raja series 'Winning with Anand'.For the last 8-10 years in 85 matches ex World Champion Anand had beaten Magnus 18 games to 14 all over, latest in the World Championship in Sochi although in 2015 he lost in Grenke. So to learn to beat Magnus, we need to study Anand, easily the most versatile World Champion in chess history.

Here in Chess games Winning we have all 85 matches. You can play, autoplay or copy and paste PGNs for analysis later by your favorite engines..

The current World Champion is Magnus Carlsen (Norway), he beat the rival champion Viswanathan Anand.

Features of this Chess games Winning Android app ‘playable’ magazine are as follows:

This Chess games Winning app has all the 85 games both the players played against each other, from last more than 10 years..

Hence this Chess games Winning app is for Chess Grand masters in the making, to view the two giants’ engrossing battle for supremacy.

# This chess games app is an important tool for everybody who wants to play chess.

# This chess games app is designed to those, who want to watch greatest players in action move by move.

# This chess games app will help you to view and play the games again and again and if required PGN’s can be pasted and sent as email.

# You can analyze the games leisurely externally with your favorite engines.App is not connected to any chess engine.

# You can also share with social sites. # You can play, autoplay. # This app comes with speech synthesis assist help.

# Moves are made automatically, if required at normal speed. Experience a fabulous sporting event.

Chess games updates: Every single match played in future hopefully.

Teaser video: Have a look in Youtube:

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Update details; All matches in this World Championship at Sochi! and Grenke match in 2015. Remote PGN play removed for security reasons.Removed sound and optimized clipboard paste....




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