Application description

RDM+™ Remote Desktop for Mobiles allows you to access remotely your desktop or laptop computer from Windows Mobile Pocket PC. You can send and receive emails, surf web, edit documents in word processor, copy, cut, paste files or folders and do hundreds other things that you typically do sitting in front of your home or office computer. Interface is user-friendly and navigation is simple.

Key Benefits:

Simple navigation. You can use your virtual Pocket PC keyboard and stylus instead of mouse and computer keyboard.

User-friendly interface in English, German and Japanese. You can use the same interface as on your computer desktop.

Quick commands for starting/stopping system services and processes, viewing the list of desktop windows, checking system performance, displaying system information and rebooting or shutting down your computer.

Integrated File Manager. Search, copy, rename, delete files; transfer them to Pocket PC and vice versa.

One-time fee.All further updates are free.

Touchscreen The application supports touch screen of the Pocket PC. This makes the work easy and convenient.

Security. Three-level security.

Encryption. Remote Desktop for Mobiles works in encrypted mode. All data, screen images, mouse movement and keys are encrypted using 128 bit encryption with randomly generated keys.

Logging. Middleware on your computer has a logging feature and all connections are written to the log file.

Password protection. You can create a password when starting up application. Without this password no one can access your client address book.

Executing any console commands (like ping, netstat, ipconfig) is available.

History feature allows to find and re-send stored commands.

Full-screen view and zooming. In full-screen mode you can see the remote screen on the entire screen of your device. Zoomed mode lets you see enlarged fragment of the desktop in more detail. In zoomed mode you can also scroll the desktop up/down, right/left.

Hotkeys. You can switch between different mode using the predefined hotkeys and create device-specific keys for mouse click and open desktop menu.

• 7-Day Free Trial

Connection to RDM Server is completely safe. All data transferring between remote computer and your device is strongly encrypted.